The Senate may be settling for pushing through a mandatory GMO labeling bill, but in the form of “mandatory disclosure.” An industry lobbyist says that Senate Agriculture Leaders are moving towards a proposal favored by USDA Secretary Tom Vilsack, requiring the use of “smart labels” and banning state labeling laws. The lobbyists referred to this system as “mandatory disclosure,” rather than “mandatory labeling.” Vilsack has said that President Barack Obama would sign such a bill. The Senate appears likely to attempt passing the measure before the Easter Recess that begins March 18th.

The Obama administration will announce measures that further ease travel and trade restrictions on Cuba later this month. Ahead of his visit to Cuba, President Obama is slated to make the announcement March 17th. The new rules will mark his latest effort to use executive powers to sidestep Congress and chip away at the U.S. embargo against Cuba. The measures are expected to make travel easier for Americans and further loosen trade and banking rules. However, a ban on general tourism to Cuba will remain in force. It is part of the broader U.S. embargo and can only be lifted by Congress.