If you are like me, your radio is tuned to 1460 at night to listen to the 1st place Yakima Valley Pippens.

If you are also like me, you are impressed with young Ryan Rouillard who has been on the microphone for every one of the Pippins' games. I wondered, though, is this future star of the baseball broadcasting world all talk, or does he have some skills on the diamond?

We went down to Cherry Hill Family Fun Center in Granger to find out.

The video evidence is above, but I will have to say, he knows his way around a batters box. The Pippins are hitting .272 as a team heading into Tuesday's night action, so they likely do not need any help, but Coach McKinney should feel free to look to the press box if he is in a desperate situation.

If you are looking for a great time with the whole family that could include batting cages, golf (real and miniature), peddle karts and great food, Cherry Hill Family Fun Center will be part of our weekly deal at Seize the Deal on Friday.