Fans of any team in any sport often lament injuries to key players for lack of on-field success in any given game or season. By the same token, we all know that injuries are "part of the game," so that argument usually doesn't fly too long.

This season though, the Detroit Lions may have a legit beef as they have sustained some of the most freakishly bad-luck injuries to their team both on and off the field.

Last year a pizza box caused wide reciever and Northwest native Nate Burleson to crash his car, resulting in him missing playing time. Just last Sunday, Lions linebacker Stephen Tulloch blew out his knee celebrating a sack of the quarterback which can be seen by clicking ---> HERE

Adding insult to injury, the latest Motor City Kitty to fall down and go "boom" is receiver Joseph Fauria. Fauria's Pomeranian Husky proved that dogs STILL don't like cats -- no matter how big -- when he caused his master to chase after him and subsequently fall down the last two stairs onto a hardwood floor while wearing only socks causing the 265-pounder to sprain his ankle.

Fauria is now on crutches and out of action indefinitely.  When asked by the Detroit News if alcohol was involved, Fauria said, ""It wouldn't have hurt as much if I'd drank."