Lil Wayne has had some wild groupie encounters in the past. Like the time his tour bus was shot at by a persistent female fan. Weezy recently detailed another story-worthy fan encounter while being interviewed on ESPN's Highly Questionable, and this one involves Cleveland Cavaliers guard JR Smith.

Tune appeared on the show alongside 2 Chainz in promotion of their new joint album ColleGrove. When the subject came up about a crazy night he's spent with an athlete, the NOLA rapper picked a particularly entertaining tale that involves groupies in a Las Vegas hotel.

As the story goes, Smith and Wayne were unbeknownst to each other chilling with the same woman on the same night one All-Star weekend.

"Now, [the woman] told me to come over. OK, she was there with a female friend," recounted Wayne. "So she told [JR] that the female friend was still there at that hotel but she had to relocate to another one. So I was there in the room that night, and so, all of a sudden, we in the bedroom, too, and all of a sudden, we hear the bedroom door open, and me and the female like, 'Who is coming through the door?' Her female friend was in the living room, so we were like, 'What is she trying to get in the room for?' So who comes through the door? J.R. Smith with his wifebeater on."

Listen to Weezy tell the full story, above.

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