A few years ago I was a student at Yakima Valley Community College, and I spent nearly four years trying to earn my degree in early childhood education so that I could become a teacher. Well, I ended up becoming a beauty school college dropout, but I have not lost my desire to get all children a great start reading and learning math at a very early age so that they can become successful, independent adults. (And, of course, pay for my luxury apartment in a retirement village somewhere in Miami.)

I decided to get my little preschooler signed up with a math and reading tutor as soon as possible.

Is this the right thing to do even though she is only 3 years old? You betcha! She will be steps ahead of the other kids when she begins kindergarten in two years! Wooo-hooo!

Here is Willow taking the assessment at Kumon here in Yakima ... but then nature calls! LOL!

Meantime, starting Friday at 8:30, you can get the first month of Kumon's tutoring for your child for $110 through our weekly deal program.