• The U.S. Meat Export Federation recently hosted a workshop for 230 Korean red meat importers, distributors, retail and food service operators.

    The design was to give them insights into the care U.S. beef and pork industries take in raising livestock and caring for the land on which they produce livestock.

    One of the primary issues in South Korea is tight regulation on the ability of processors to label products as natural or organic or other marketing descriptors that are not - and cannot be - uniformly defined.

    The goal is to help Korean importers and buyers better understand the care that goes into the production of U.S. beef and pork so they can make purchasing decisions with that knowledge.

  • The first participants of the Conservation Stewardship Program with contracts approved in fiscal year 2010, have from July 11 until Sept. 12 to file an application to renew their contracts and make decisions on additional conservation activities that will benefit priority natural resource issues.

    CSP is offered by the Natural Resources Conservation Service and is the Farm Bill program that helps farmers and ranchers take conservation investments to the next level.