In his most recent start Sunday, Mariners pitcher Felix Hernandez gave an effort that virtually every starter in the big leagues would be more than happy with. Seven shutout innings, nary a base on balls while fanning 10 and allowing a scant three hits. A start that would, and should, have garnered the M's - and their king - a victory. Just like the start before it, a six inning, one-hit effort, to christen the 2016 campaign versus Texas.

But it wasn't to be. Again. And again. And againandagainandagainandagain...
For the 45th time in 10 and-a-half seasons (336 career starts) Hernandez only allowed one or zero runs and yet came away without a "W". Sarah Langs of ESPN Stats & Info dug deep to find that, other than contemporary Zach Greinke of the Arizona Diamondbacks, only six other pitchers (four of them Hall of Famers) in the last 100 years have had as many or more outings with such little run support.

It's already arguable that "The King" has already cemented himself as the unluckiest pitcher of ALL-TIME on the same weekend that he just turned 30 years old.

During the Hernandez Era in Seattle, the M's have ranked near dead last in runs scored. This season, so far, has proved to be no different however... Wait for it... It's still early and there is decent Sabermetric evidence that displays that the M's offense has been equally snake bit thus far.

ESPN Senior Writer David Schoenfield summed it up best when he said "King Felix has been supported by a lineup of serfs."