The last few years, the NFL has offered fans a chance to catch a mid-week game, but only for about half the season. This year, Thursday night games have been extended all the way to the start of the season.

And while it's certainly nice to have an extra football day during the week, the games are shown only on the NFL Network, a channel much of the country still can't watch unless they have certain cable providers.

The league obviously is looking for ways to increase revenue. Adding two games to the regular season seemed likely at one point, but the players balked, leading to the weekly Thursday night games. But as long as the NFL and the cable companies can't agree on who should pay what, a significant chunk of viewers will have to head to the local bar or find some other way to watch.

So was Thursday night football a good solution? If you don't get it at home, are you heading out the the bar to check out the game?