Monday’s Farmland Rental Report by Rabobank's Sterling Liddell stated that affordable cropland isn't just something that could improve producer margins; it's something that is an absolute necessity, Land valuations and rental rates need to be decreased over the course of the next two years to compensate for decreased commodity prices and tighter profit margins.“ “Such a move would push returns from farming back to near break-even.”

From AgriPulse , The White House took an important procedural step toward putting the Trans-Pacific Partnership before Congress, one day after Hillary Clinton made clear that she would oppose congressional approval of the trade pact during a lame duck session. The U.S. Trade Representative's office posted a “draft statement of administrative action” on Friday. While on Thursday Clinton announced that she would opposes it now, she’ll oppose it after the election and She will oppose it as president. The Progressive Change Campaign Committee said Clinton's remarks were her “strongest words yet against the TPP.”