• More than 630 business organizations have urged Congress to move forward with immigration reform this year.

    The multi-industry coalition sent a letter to House Republican leadership saying they are united in the belief that modernizing the immigration system will be better for the economy and country. Done properly, the coalition says reform will deter illegal immigration, protect and complement the U.S. workforce, better respond to changing economic and demographic needs and generate greater productivity and economic activity.

    The coalition says failure to act is not an option.

  • The U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Economic Research Service released a report Monday showing the U.S. wasted about 31-percent, or 133-billion pounds, of food in 2010 worth $161.1-billion.

    Out of 430-billion pounds of available food in 2010, the study shows 43-billion pounds at the retail level were lost and 90-billion pounds were lost at the consumer level. The average amount of food loss per American was 429-pounds.

    Food loss is becoming an increasingly important topic domestically and internationally.