The 2012 Summer Olympics are right around the corner and zzzzzzzzz HUH! WHAT! Oh, sorry, we dozed off talking about the zzzz…OK. OK. Focus here. Let’s sell this. Bring it home.

The 2012 Summer Olympics. The majesty! The spectacle! The hot women in bikinis jumping around, in and out of the water! The female divers are probably the lone reason to watch the summer games, except for the female gymnasts, but we can’t talk about those girls since they are underage and the fuzz might or might not be checking on our computers. For the movie downloads! You pervs.

Anyway, female divers are hot, even when making some less than gorgeous faces in the heat of competition. Check out the hot female divers of the 2012 Summer Olympics in executing some “less than flattering” facial routines.