Consider this my "Go Fund Brian" plea to get me to the big game on Feb. 1.

Seriously, what Seahawks fan wouldn't want to go? Especially since the game will be held in Glendale, Ariz. It's an area that I'm very familiar with from all those years that I attended Seattle Mariners spring training.

I could give you a laundry list of reasons about why I'm worthy of attending the big game on your dime, like how I've been a fan since before the team even took the field in 1976. How I've spent countless hours watching them on TV, coming away let down more times than I can count during those early years. How I actually have a Seahawks shrine in my family's TV room. The reasons go on and on.

Mainly I just want a mid-winter vacation, and the chance to wear my No. 12 jersey with my khaki shorts.

But here's the rub: A game ticket will cost an average of $2, 812 according to Ticketmaster. More than I want to spend, but luckily, I've got you!

Airfare: I'll go by Southwest Airlines, because I don't want to totally drain your wallet. The best deal I could find was $1,278.50 round trip, leaving on Friday, Jan. 30, and returning on Monday, Feb. 2.

Car rental: Dollar Rent A Car in Phoenix is $96.92 per day for a Kia Rio. Again, going with the economy car to save you money.

Hotel: I picked a hotel that my family used to stay in years ago when we traveled annually to Arizona. Back then it was a Best Western, now it's a Super 8. Again, just trying to keep your costs down. (I have a good friend who would likely put me up for free, but I don't want to be a bother.)

Three nights at single occupancy will cost $1,221.48. And that's at a Super 8 about 15 miles away from University of Phoenix Stadium. Aren't you glad I didn't pick a Hilton?

Parking at the stadium will run about $850. Remember, I'm from Yakima and I will not walk more than one block from the closest stadium entrance.

So for just $6,452.74, you can send me to Phoenix for Super Bowl XLIX.

Just so you know that I'm serious about keeping the cost down, I'll pay for the Airporter Shuttle and food out of my own pocket.

On second thought, I'll just stuff a lot of the hotel's complimentary continental breakfast under my clothes. Gotta watch my pennies.

If you want to contribute, just contact me here at the station. Make it quick, we don't have a lot of time.