Approximately 40 to 60 pilots and nearly 200 remote control aircraft of all types have descended upon the valley to participate in the Yakima Valley Aeromodelers 27th annual Spring Opener. The event kicks off today and continues all weekend just outside of Zillah. It is free to attend and open to the public.

Courtesy: Yakima Valley Aeromodelers

Organizer Joe Ball says, "Aircraft at the event will come in all shapes and sixes with some weighing just a few ounces to others with eight to 10-foot wing spans powered with 150 cc engines, as well as helicopters and multirotors (commonly referred to as drones)."

He went on to praise Ben's Strip - the site of the event - located about 3 and a half miles north of Zillah on Cheyne Rd. - describing it as "one of the nicest in the Northwest with a 400 foot runway, water, power, a spectator area and 14 acres of mowed grass, along with a full kitchen that serves breakfast and lunch and includes a pulled pork dinner Saturday night."

A formal Air Show is slated Saturday at 12:00 noon to be followed by a live auction with a professional auctioneer. They also accommodate campers and motorhomes and are expecting a number of them to be there throughout the weekend.

The Y.V. Aeromodelers are a Non-profit organization originally established in the late 1960's.

For more info, contact Joe Ball at 509-697-9245 or Mike Hanratty at 509-453-8238, go to  or take a minute and watch this video.