I have to face it. The Seahawk's season is over. They won the Super Bowl, had the parade, and hoisted the trophy. They won't be back on the field until August. Now what?

I was totally invested into the Seattle Seahawks' 2013-14 season. I watched every game, attended one, and read everything I could about them everyday.  It started last off season with the draft, off season work outs, anything I could find out about the team. I visited the Seahawks website every day.

Now, it's done for a while.

What are my Sunday alternatives?

I am not a winter person, so outdoor activities are out for a while. There are some pretty cool indoor events coming up in our area soon, like the Central Washington Sportsman's Show this coming weekend. My eight-year-old son wants to hit the trout pond there. The Central Washington Home Show in coming up in March, and I know my wife has that on her radar.

By then, the weather ought to be warm enough to finally clean out the garage like I've been threatening to do for the past 5 years. Lord knows it needs it.

So, when it comes right down to it, I have plenty to do.

It just isn't the same.

Just 29 more Sundays until Seahawks' football is back!

Here's a fun quiz for football fans.