• The House Appropriations Committee released its draft of the Fiscal Year 2015 bill for Ag appropriations and other related agencies Monday.

    Ag Secretary Tom Vilsack says the House bill would undermine the effort to provide kids with more nutritious food and be a major step backward for the health of American children.

    Vilsack says Congress should focus on partnering with USDA, states, schools and parents to help kids have access to more healthy food, not less.

  • Following a panel discussion with Mexico’s Secretary of Agriculture Enrique Martinez at the Global Forum on Agro Food Expectations in Mexico City, Secretary Vilsack highlighted recent progress on various trade issues with Mexico.

    Vilsack says Mexico is an important strategic ally and critical economic partner to the United States.

    Last year U.S. food and Ag product exports reached a record $140.9 billion and USDA believes U.S. Ag is on track for farm and food product exports to reach $142.6 billion this year worldwide.