• As part of its efforts to share information with stakeholders about the 2014 Farm Bill implementation process, the USDA has begun a series of 12 outreach meetings.

    The first meeting, held last Tuesday in Washington, D.C., was focused on local and regional food systems.

    The National Potato Council, along with its allies in the Specialty Crop Farm Bill Alliance, will remain engaged with USDA throughout the process to ensure specialty crop programs are properly implemented.

  • The U.S. Energy Information Administration’s new “Today in Energy” brief looks at the jump in the number of service stations selling gasoline containing up to 85% ethanol, with California and New York seeing some of the biggest growth.

    “The number of retail fueling stations offering motor fuel that can be up to 85% ethanol, known as E85, has grown rapidly since 2007. According to the Alternative Fuels Data Center, Minnesota continues to lead the nation, with 336 E85 retail locations."

    The “Today in Energy” brief was posted Friday on EIA’s website.