House Agriculture Committee Chairman Frank Lucas will chair the first meeting of the farm bill conference committee. Committee members have the difficult task of reconciling a House bill that cuts 39-billion dollars from food stamps over the next 10 years and 60-billion dollars overall - with a Senate bill that cuts 4.5-billion dollars from food stamps and 24.5-billion dollars overall.

POLITICO has reported the House Republican leadership does not plan to hold a vote on immigration reform legislation before the end of the year. For supporters - the big concern is that pushing immigration reform to 2014 - an election year - could make it even tougher to get legislation through the deeply divided Congress.

Triple-A has called for the Environmental Protection Agency to lower 2014 blending requirements - claiming higher level ethanol blends will hurt consumers. Renewable Fuels Association President and CEO Bob Dinneen criticized AAA - noting that E15 is the most tested fuel additive in EPA history and over 40 studies conclude no evidence of damage on engines.