According to airline ticket booking data from, fans of the Broncos and 49ers are confident that their favorite teams are headed to the Meadowlands in February, while fans of the Patriots and Seahawks are taking a more wait and see approach.

Monday morning,’s airline ticketing team took a look at the four remaining NFL contender cities to see what was happening in terms of airfare searches to New York for game weekend February 2nd. As of Monday, search activity for New York trips from the four cities had already doubled over last week.

Brian Ek, Senior Travel Analyst at says  the airfare search data for this week compared to last week revealed the following:

•             San Francisco residents are doing the most airfare searching, followed by Denver, Seattle and Boston.
•             San Francisco airfare search activity was strong for both weeks, indicating that fans were pretty confident in the 49ers’ chances.
•             Denver airfare search activity took a big upward jump as of Sunday.  Perhaps fans were waiting to see if Peyton Manning could get them over the hump and into the AFC championship.
•             Seattle and Boston search activity both dropped off vs the previous week.  Perhaps fans are a bit less optimistic now that their opponents are clear.


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