• Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack is expected to host two Future of Agriculture panels at the 2014 Agricultural Outlook Forum, “The Changing Face of Agriculture” on February 20.

    Topics discussed will be import/export markets, market trends, food security, technology and innovations in agriculture.

    At the plenary’s close, Secretary Vilsack will share preliminary data on the 2012 Agricultural Census, giving an overview of the number of farms, land in farms, value of sales and demographics.

  • A report conducted by World Agricultural Economic and Environmental Services finds that an approach to agricultural labor reform that solely focuses on immigration enforcement would raise food prices over five years by an additional 5-6 percent and cut the nation’s food and fiber production by as much as 60-billion dollars.

    The best scenario for farm labor reform for consumers and farmers is one that includes immigration enforcement, a redesigned guest worker program and the opportunity for skilled laborers currently working in agriculture to earn an adjustment of status according to the report.