Ultimately, the outcome of a contest or sporting event isn't going to end world hunger or bring peace time to those in conflict, so why is it so important to us as a culture?

If anything, it is a means of escaping the banal and tedium of our daily lives. It also is a microcosm of life - determination often personified.

In this ESPN "sizzle" video entitled "The Speed of Live", you'll be reminded of why sports are great.

The Moment.

In this compilation, you'll see Aaron Rodgers pull victory from the jaws of defeat with a Hail Mary pass to defeat the Detroit Lions. Steph Curry win a game with a shot from virtually the stadium parking lot. Michigan State's Spartan's defeat rival Michigan on an innocuous punt play and the great Serena Williams get upset by a tennis player none of us have heard of before or since.

We dare you to not get a raging case of goosebumps.