Joe Peta knows the numbers. On Base Percentages. House advantages. Profit and Loss.  In the world of sports gambling, he's known as a "sharp" and he is putting his money on the 2016 Seattle Mariners to EXCEED the expectation put on the M's by the oddsmakers in Vegas...  And then some.

As a contributor to ESPN's Chalk division - dedicated to bettors - Peta explains that, for virtually the first time in the Felix Hernandez era, the Mariners have addressed their woefully bad on-base rate. While he points out that new acquisitions Adam Lind, Chris Ianetta and Nori Aoiki all have flaws, they should still make the M's an improved team.

Peta has Seattle winning more games than the 82.5 over/under season total and an even loftier prediction that Mariners fans should be excited to hear.  Listen to his comments and analysis here.