• More stars equals greater potential for reducing spray drift of pesticides in the latest program by the Environmental Protection Agency.

    The EPA announced Tuesday a new voluntary Drift Reduction Technology program to encourage the use of verified, safer pesticide spray products. The program is an effort by the EPA to reduce exposure and pesticide movement.

    Jim Jones, Assistant Administrator for the Office of Chemical Safety and Pollution Prevention, stated “Our new star-rating system of products and technologies will help farmers reduce drift, protect neighbors and reduce costs by keeping more of the pesticide on the crop.”

  • During his keynote address for Export Exchange 2014, Curtis Jones, the global director of economic analysis for Bunge Global Agribusiness said the outlook is good for global agricultural producers and agricultural trade.

    Jones said a rising population and rapidly growing incomes in the emerging economies will continue to support robust demand for feed grains and other agricultural products.

    Export Exchange is the year’s premiere coarse grains conference, bringing together global buyers and U.S. sellers of corn, sorghum, barley and their co-products.