This may be the most unbelievable story that I have ever heard! And the school teacher searched her in front of the other students!I am so floored by this story. Melody Valentin is a 5th grader in South Philadelphia and a little boy in her class saw that a paper had fallen from her pocket. The little boy freaked out apparently and took it to the teacher saying that it was a gun.

The cute little girl was searched and threatened with jail right there in front of her peers! This is the worst thing that I have ever heard. I guess the kids were calling her names as she walked out of the door, one of them being 'Murderer'!

What The F is this country coming to and how dare that teacher do this to her.  I would suggest that searching her in front of the class would be sexual harassment, RIGHT? UGH

The family is changing schools and moving. I say move here to Selah or Yakima because girl, trust me, we got your back!!