Outside of the ag industry, El Nino is expected to cost billions of dollars. CNBC reports the impacts of the weather event are likely to reach the energy sector as well. The El Nino of 1997 to 1998 caused an economic impact of $30-$45 billion and it's likely to be higher this time round as economies have grown since then. The El Nino weather pattern, which is expected to strengthen further through the end of the year, is on track to be one of the three strongest such patterns in almost 70 years.

A video taken by the animal rights group Direct Action Everywhere claims its video shows inhumane treatment at a Whole Foods supplier. The Diestel Turkey Ranch and Whole Foods disputed the claim. The group said its video shows abuses that run counter to the animal-welfare claims by the company, showing birds with dirty feathers, swollen body parts and a turkey carcass decomposing among other birds. However, the California turkey ranch says the video is misleading because it focuses on a narrow snapshot in time.