• The film "Fed Up" debuted over the weekend and Katie Couric, one of the producers of the film, is now asking people to visit the Fed Up website and join her challenge to avoid eating sugar-containing products and flour for 10 days.

    This is in response to the Grocery Manufacturers Association’s website, Fed Up Facts, countering the film’s message about prepared foods. Couric says all products with added sugar and artificial sweeteners are included in this challenge.

    The film says artificial sweeteners alert the body that sugar is coming, even if it is not, and suggests people cut out all flour products that turn to sugar in the body.

  • Reuters reports Brazil has confirmed its second case of atypical mad cow disease with no link to contaminated feed.

    The agriculture ministry says the diseased animal was incinerated and none of its parts entered the feed chain.

    Classical cases of mad cow are caused when cattle are fed brain or spinal tissue of other ruminants now forbidden in nearly all beef producing countries. Atypical cases of the disease mean the protein is contracted spontaneously instead of through the feed supply.

    So far several countries have banned some or all beef imports from Brazil which is the world’s top beef exporter.