What the Yakima Farmer's Market has done and will continue to do for Sundays in downtown Yakima, Downtown Summer Nights will do for weeknights.

In its run of over a decade, there is no doubt that the Yakima Farmer's Market has become a weekly social event, bringing hundreds of people to downtown Yakima every Sunday. As a result of a partnership between the City of Yakima, Legends Casino, and Townsquare Media, Downtown Summer Nights will begin its 12 week run of live music, food, activities and beverages on June 13. The weekly event will be held on South Fourth Street between Yakima Avenue and Chestnut.

I posted a blog yesterday titled "Signs You're Not from Yakima". One Facebook response was: "When you walk around downtown at night". Just another negative perception that our downtown at night is worse than a Saturday night in 1865 Dodge City.

Downtown Summer nights will go a long way to quashing that inaccurate portrayal.

I would invite everyone to take in as many Downtown Summer Nights events as you can. You won't be disappointed.

Get more information on Downtown Summer Nights here.