Over the years, our Seattle Mariners have certainly seen its share of ups and downs. It's pretty common knowledge how much involvement Nintendo has had keeping baseball alive in Seattle, but you may not know the whole story. In this documentary The Gaming Historian, more known for his video game documentaries, showcases a behind-the-scenes look on what all when into the purchase of Nintendo buying the Seattle Mariners.

The video starts with the Seattle Pilots in the 60s, how the league enforced new rules and regulations that they weren't prepared for ended up selling the team to Milwaukee.

As unfortunate to a start as it was, things got progressivly better with the building of the Kingdom and the young rookie, Ken Griffey Jr, making the Mariners a viable team, only to go through financial troubles again and have the owner, Jeff Smulyan, put up for sale in the early 90s. That's when Seattle's own, and die-hard fan, Senator Slade Gordon started making phone calls to hopeful investors. One of those calls was to Nintendo.

The rest of the video shows how Nintendo's gamble has paid off and where we have our Mariner's today, now at Safeco Field.

This video is very well done and well researched. Grab some peanuts and cracker jacks and give it a watch-through. Who knows, maybe you'll learn something.