• 97 percent of doctors say they are concerned about antibiotic resistance, according to a study by Consumers Report.

    ThinkProgress.org reports almost 30 percent of surveyed doctors had a patient either suffer severe complications or die as a result of a multi-drug resistant bacterial infection.

    The study surveyed 500 doctors and found about 80 percent of them had a patients with a drug resistant type of infection in the last year. According to that study, several types of farmed fish were found to contain a type of antibiotics used in humans.

    The study claims feeding chickens a same type of antibiotic may have contributed to last year’s antibiotic-resistant salmonella outbreak.

  • While no date has been set in stone, House Majority leader Kevin McCarthy says a vote will be “soon” on EPA regulations requirements.

    McCarthy says the House will vote on legislation that would prevent the EPA from issuing regulations without scientific data to support implementation.

    The House will return to Washington on Nov. 12. McCarthy said the measure would be part of GOP messaging to show the party can make government function.