• The Environmental Protection Agency announced a delay in the volume requirements ruling for the 2014 Renewable Fuel Standard.

    The delay will lump the 2014 rule with 2015, and beyond. The delay comes after thousands of comments from farmers and industry groups advised against lowering the volume requirements in the 2014 rule.

    The majority of farm groups reacted positively to the news—pointing to a pullback by the EPA on their proposal. Still, the move doesn’t bring certainty to the industry in the near term until the rule is finalized along with future rules.

  • The Oregon GMO labeling fight is not over yet as the ballot issue appears headed for a recount.

    The Oregonian reports new totals show the initiative losing by fewer than 1,500 votes. Measure 92 moved into range of an automatic recount after Multnomah County, Oregon released results that included a final batch of nearly 7,200 ballots that leaned heavily in favor of the initiative.

    A recent push by supporters may have led to the automatic recount range.