Four wins, five losses. That's the record of our world champion Seattle Seahawks -- it puts us in a tie with the Rams and three games behind the Arizona Cardinals, who lead the division with a record of 7-2. The NFC West has always been competitive, but this year the 49ers are nonexistent -- and we're still struggling to find our mojo.

As I got up this morning I couldn't help but think how some people who have no idea or concept of how players and coaches prepare for a football game -- let alone an entire NFL season -- seem to think that the Seahawks' problems somehow revolve around Russell Wilson, his large paycheck and his new girlfriend.

Here's what's funny to me: For Wilson's first three seasons, every Seahawk fan was grateful for Russell and his rookie contract. The fact he loved Seattle and would play for a mere $600,000 a year, all while bringing home the franchise's first-ever world title, makes me question some fans' thought processes.

I saw a number of social media posts that were along the lines of "If Russell wasn't focused on Ciara then maybe he would play better." REALLY? He goes on vacation during the bye week and comes back and forgets how to play the game? No, sorry but this is not the reason the Seahawks have a losing record. When someone's personal life is going well, it usually has a positive effect on their professional life, too.

The other common theme I saw about Russell Wilson was, "All the money has gone to his head." Again, REALLY? Are these the same people who were saying Seattle should pay the man, or are these a different set of folks who think after he gets his payday he just stops trying? I don't buy it for one second.

I also don't claim to know football well enough to dissect the reasons why the Seattle Seahawks are 4-5, but it's not Russell Wilson's fault. Football is a team sport. Do you remember the Ravens and Joe Flacco's big post-Super Bowl windfall a few years ago? How about Payton Manning and the Denver Broncos? Or anybody else who has had huge success in the National Football League. QBs are a big part of a team's success, but it still takes 11 players on both sides of the ball to win consistently.

Football is a tough sport and I can imagine that we formulate opinions based on what we see, i.e. pics of Russell and Ciara on vacation, when in reality the Seahawks are working harder than ever to get back to the top of the mountain. As I watched last night's game, I saw glimpses of greatness. The Bobby Wagner turnover TD, along with a solid performance from Doug Baldwin and others. Things change, teams change and when the right combination is there, that is when things begin to happen.

I love Seattle and the Seahawks and I will live with the ups and downs that come with being a fan. At least we aren't Cleveland Browns fans, or Lions fans, or many other teams that haven't ever won a Super Bowl or even been to one.