The Yakima Herald-Republic says that the sheriff's office is calling it a hoax, but when it comes to shadowy clowns hanging out by the roadside, who wants to risk it?

There is a picture on Facebook that seems to have originated in this area by Toppenish resident Fidel Valencia that has been shared from his page alone over 5,600 times depicting a clown standing by the roadside behind the guardrail looking, well... creepy as heck. The post says the pic was taken in Zillah (near the Yakima River by the Meyer's Road Bridge)  but, according to the Y H-R, it has been unsubstantiated by local authorities. Apparently, police in St. Louis claim that the original photo was taken in that part of the country an the Y.S.O. is describing it as nothing more than an online hoax.

Note to self: Do not drive near any bridges in Zillah at night.