• The trend of looking for healthier food choices has caused a shift in the dairy market.

    More shoppers seem to be switching from cows milk to soy, almond and coconut milks.

    Dean Foods, the largest milk processor in the U.S., has experienced profit losses due to decreasing demand and higher costs for raw milk but the company is trying to reverse these losses by cutting costs and expanding sales of flavored milks and higher-protein drinks.

    This is not just a short-term challenge though as U.S. milk consumption per person has been decreasing for decades as consumers have switched to flavored waters, juices, sodas and alternative dairy drinks.

  • It is not just farmers and ranchers having an issue with the EPA’s proposed Water’s of U.S. rule.

    Shopping centers may have issues when it comes to drainage ditches and permitting that could cause potential tenants to abandon some shopping center locations.

    The International Council of Shopping Centers has also stepped up to the plate to opposed the proposed changes.