• Producers and lawmakers have concerns about the mandatory PEDv reporting program announced by USDA.

    Iowa Congressman Steve King’s main concern is the possibility that producer confidentiality will be breached which could mean activists could use the information against the pork industry.

    King is also concerned about federal records that would be compiled by the order.

  • Wolves are not the only dangerous predators out there. A cougar was shot and killed early Sunday morning in North Spokane.

    Officials received a number of calls early on Sunday to report seeing the cougar. Barking dogs alerted people to the animal and officials said the cougar was never aggressive but it was exhibiting normal behavior.

    The cougar was a female that was about 2 years old and weighed about 60 or 70 pounds. They said she was not in great health.

  • The Oregon Department of Ag has sent a letter to Gov. Kitzhaber saying that state law allows it to create control areas to deal with pests and disease but it can create such areas only for genetically engineered crops that are in the trial phase.

    The letter also says once a genetically engineered crop has been "deregulated" by USDA, it's deemed not to be a pest or a disease carrier — hence the state loses authority over the genetically engineered crop.