• According to a USDA study using wild bison deemed free of cattle disease from Yellowstone National Park to establish new herds across the American West could be done without posing a risk to livestock.

    The study is not completely allaying concerns of cattle producers however who have fought to keep the wild bison from straying outside the park.

    The fear of the cattle industry in Montana is that straying buffalo will transmit brucellosis, which about half of the park’s bison have been exposed to, to cows grazing near Yellowstone. That could cause the state to lose its brucellosis-free status.

  • President Barack Obama is set to send his fiscal year 2015 budget request to Congress.

    The proposal will outline how he would dole out more than a trillion dollars for government agency discretionary programs. The $1.014-trillion level was set by a recent budget deal.

    It has been reported the request may include additional disaster assistance funding for floods, drought and wildfires including a one-billion dollar fund to help communities deal with extreme weather events.

    Several committees already have plans to look over the President’s budget proposal this week.