There are plenty of questions regarding technology that can be easily answered over the phone, or in person at our business location. What about those commonly asked questions though that could use simple answer? Here are some of the most frequently asked questions asked at Online Tech Computer.

How long will my service take?
Most fixed rate services at Online Tech Computer will have a 1 hour labor charge included with the price (Ex. $99.99 Service Includes 1 hour labor and service provided). If the labor time exceeds the 1 hour labor that is included then you will be charged for a standard hourly rate. All other services that are not at a fixed rate will be charged at an hourly rate.

Is my product or service guaranteed?
All products sold by Online Tech Computer come with a 30 day guarantee in which if the product sold has any defects or problems within 30 days, we will do everything and anything we can to resolve the issue so that your product is back in working condition. If the product in question was new all repair costs will be at customers expense. If the product was used or refurbished, all repair costs will be at our expense.

Should I upgrade my computer or buy a new one?
With such a general question it is difficult to answer with a simple yes or no. There are many factors that can help determine what you choose to do. If the computer is 10+ years old then you more than likely have a clunk of garbage on you. Donate or replace that computer. If you have a newer computer that is within 1-3 years old and it was specifically built for high end performance tasks, then you more than likely want to upgrade a few parts as the part prices vary and reach upwards to the cost of a new general use computer. If you are not with those needs then it is likely that you will just need to buy one. General computers aren't that expensive anymore so don't be afraid to ask about our prices for new or refurbished computers.

Are expensive anti-virus programs really better?
The straight answer is no. Just because the program costs more does not mean it is better. In fact, programs like Norton and McAfee slow your computer down with all the additional software it install also known as bloatware. There are many solutions available to a customer for a low price or free. One of our personal favorites is Microsoft Security Essentials.

What do you need and what happens if you cannot repair it?
When bringing in the computer or device in question for repair, we do appreciate that a charger or power cable is provided. Also, we request that we are informed of any passwords on the computer. If for some reason we are unable to repair your device, there will be no charge.