I had heard of college basketball player Lauren Hill's quest to play in a game for Mount St. Joseph's College despite having terminal brain cancer. I finally got to see the story last night. You need to see it, too.

I was on the treadmill at West Valley Fitness the other night, listening to rock 'n' roll and watching Monday Night Football on one TV screen, while watching the "CBS Evening News" on another. ( I was able to follow things thanks to closed captioning on the screens) CBS aired a segment on 19-year-old Lauren Hill, a college basketball player in Ohio who has been fighting terminal brain cancer. According to the report, she only has weeks to live.

To accommodate her wish to play in a game for Mount St. Joseph's College, the NCAA moved up the opener against Hiram College and changed the venue to Xavier University's arena to make it possible for more people to attend.

Here's the report.


I started to tear up while working out, as did a couple of other guys on the treadmills near me.  This young woman not only shows strength and courage, but seems to be at peace with her fate. And I can only imagine what it's like for her parents.

I came away with a couple of things after watching Lauren Hill's story.

First, I hope that if I'm ever faced with a challenge like hers that I can face it with the strength, dignity and grace that she exhibits. Or if one my kids is faced with something like this, I can have the strength of Lauren's parents.

Second, I hope my children can grow up to be like Lauren Hill.