The game this weekend that the 49'ers played against the Panthers made me want to throw up. Colin making fun of Newton and throwing the Superman pose out there was bad enough but what made me sicker is the fact that he kisses his own bicep anyway! Gross!

Kaepernick does do some amazing things like give to charity ect. But sometimes on the field he is a little full of himself.

I am an Eagles fan and some of the players on that team are not so cool either. Michael Vick is the lowest of lows. So this is not a slam against the 9'ers. It is how I feel about the individual person. Dance around, do a back flip or something but quite trying to be cooler than the average QB.  Colin, you are a good QB so be just that.

Again, I say that in the 'Have Class' category no one can beat Russel Wilson.