• After conducting a routine audit of its suppliers - Chipotle has announced it will suspend pork sales at nearly one-third of its U.S. restaurants.

    Communications Director Chris Arnold says there were some inconsistencies in protocol with the supplier.

    Arnold says the restaurant chain is not willing to compromise on its animal welfare standards by filling the gap with conventionally raised pork.

  • The White House has taken additional steps to further normalize trade with Cuba.

    Americans will no longer be required to gain permission before traveling to the island although restrictions are still in place over how much alcohol and tobacco you can bring back into the states. Americans traveling to the island will also be allowed to use credit cards, a restriction that complicated trips to Cuba in the past.

    The ag industry is hopeful that by easing trade restrictions that more of their products will be allowed into Cuba. The issue is still a hotly debated one on Capital Hill with many Republican’s saying that the move will only serve to fatten the coffers for the Castro’s with little effect on the residents.