• House Majority Leader Eric Cantor lost his primary Tuesday night to Tea Party candidate Dave Brat.

    Cook Political Report House analyst David Wasserman says this defeat speaks to the GOP primary electorate’s distrust for the Republican leadership’s flirtations with immigration reform. If an immigration bill was not already dead in the House, Wasserman says it is now.

    Cantor had been considered as the most likely successor to House Speaker John Boehner. Now the Washington Post has reported Cantor plans to step down as Majority Leader by July 31st.

  • American Farm Bureau Federation President Bob Stallman told the House Subcommittee on Water Resources and Environment Wednesday that the Environmental Protection Agency’s proposal to regulate everyday farming practices is not just impractical, it is illegal.

    EPA claims farmers would face less regulation under its latest proposal but Stallman says the agency is deliberately misleading the regulated community about the impacts on land use.

    The Farm Bureau continues to urge EPA and Congress to ditch the rule. For more information, visit ditchtherule.fb.org.