The BMX Street competition features raw street elements like stairs, concrete rails and ledges, and air elements such as street style gaps. In the final round, judging of the top six athletes is based on the overall impression of their three runs.

Garrett Reynolds claimed the gold with an impressive third run score of 90.66, knocking Dakota Roche from first place contention into second in the last few seconds of competition. Reynolds landed a 360 to fakie on the steep banked wedge right before the buzzer. Rounding out the podium was Dennis Enarson who earned bronze.

Check out the full final standings after our exclusive gallery, below.

X Games Austin 2014 BMX Street Final Results

1. Garrett Reynolds, 90.66 (USA)
2. Dakota Roche, 89.33 (USA)
3. Dennis Enarson, 89.00 (USA)
4. Jeremiah Smith, 86.66 (USA)
5. Ty Morrow, 83.00 (USA)
6. Broc Raiford, 82.66 (USA)