The reigning WWE Tag Team Champions The New Day are known for their topical in-ring references, and offered a two-fer this past Monday night (April 25) on Raw. Standing in the squared circle, Big E Langston refers to an upcoming pay-per-view special, evoking Birdman's headline making Breakfast Club interview in the process.

"And at Payback," he says, "you will all put some respec’ on the name of the new number one contender for these here WWE World Tag Team Championships!" Group member Xavier Woods then picks up the mic, saying, "And that team will then party like it’s 1999," before gesturing upward and uttering "miss you."

The Prince tribute and Birdman reference come just a few weeks after The New Day paid their respects to fallen Tribe Called Quest member Phife Dawg while in Brooklyn. Then, Big E likewise delivered the hip-hop shout out, saying, “And in the words of the late great Phife Dawg,” before asking the crowd if he can kick it ala Tribe’s song by the same name.

Since Birdman walked out on his Breakfast Club interview, the Internet has gone crazy with the viral video, producing hilarious memes, generating trending topics on Twitter and a remix has even sprung up courtesy of the Hamiltones. Ever the opportunist, Birdman himself is capitalizing on the wave, selling '“Put Some Respek on My Name” tee shirts at $30 a pop through his merch site.

Catch the New Day clip here, with the aforementioned memes included below.

12 Memes Featuring Birdman’s ‘The Breakfast Club’ Interview