• The yearly survey of beekeepers was released Thursday.

    The results show fewer colony losses occurred in the U.S. during the 2013-14 winter than in recent years, yet beekeepers say losses remain higher than the level they consider to be sustainable.

    Overall, losses of managed honey bee colonies from all causes were 23.2 percent across the nation. That is above the 18.9 percent level beekeepers say is acceptable for economic sustainability but also a better percentage over the 30.5 percent loss reported the previous winter.

  • Zoetis and the American Association of Bovine Practitioners are accepting applications for the 2014 AABP Foundation Zoetis Veterinary Student Scholarships.

    These scholarships are available through the Zoetis Industry Support Program which also provides student veterinary scholarships through the Association of Equine Practitioners Foundation and funding to local FFA chapters.

    Since 2009 a total of $460,000 has been awarded through this partnership to deserving bovine veterinary students.