Rookie quarterback Russell Wilson is announced as the starter. Tavaris Jackson is traded to Buffalo.  Is this the right direction for the Seahawks?

The internet is buzzing with news out of Seattle. It seems that the rest of the country has found out that the NFL is more than Peyton Manning, RG III and Tebow-Sanchez. The talk today is all about the Seattle Seahawks.

That’s because in the past two days, the Seahawks have been making plenty of headlines. First, they released veteran receiver Terrell Owens, who was trying to extend his career at the age of 38. Then, head coach Pete Carroll announced that he’d selected rookie Russell Wilson as the starting quarterback for the beginning of the season. Finally, word came down that Tarvaris Jackson, the quarterback who started last year for Seattle, has been traded to the Buffalo Bills.

Does that make your heads spin?

Wilson looked great against Kansas City on Friday night,and Seattle is 3-0 in the preseason heading into Thursday’s matchup in Seattle against the Oakland Raiders.

“I feel like we’re in a real position of strength,” coach Pete Carroll said today on a Seattle radio station. “And it may not look like it from the outside in, but I’m feeling really good about that.”

The real question is: Do you, as a Seahawks fan, feel the team is going in the right direction?