Investing website says agriculture stocks are extremely undervalued. Citing Bayer's attempt at buying Monsanto along with several other major agriculture stock –related mergers and buyouts over the past six months. Dividend analysis Aaron Levit calls “buying stock on the hope of a buyout a stupid strategy”, but said “buying undervalued companies and collecting some pretty impressive dividends is not and that the bulk of the agriculture sector fits into the latter camp”. On that note compared to tech and medicine the Ag sector has lagged behind in angel investors and start up funds but the New York Times reports that investment in early-stage agriculture is “springing to life”. An new accelerator as been founded to assist start up Ag companies. It’s backed by Bayer and Syngenta along with Venture capital firms that typically focus on pharmaceuticals, not farms. It has been seeded with $11.5 million with more funding projected. 499 Ag companies attracted $4.6 billion in investments in 2015. US companies received over half that amount.