In a recent study by the Energy Resources Center at the University of Illinois in Chicago, A proposal by the EPA to change ethanol blending rules would significantly increase carbon emissions to the equivalent of adding nearly one million more passenger vehicles on the road. The findings come in the wake of proposed rules by the EPA that call for a reduction of the volume of ethanol blended in gasoline as mandated by the Renewable Fuel Standard. If the rules are adopted as proposed, a total of 17.5 billion gallons of ethanol would be blended with gasoline by 2016, 3.75 billion fewer gallons than originally mandated by Congress.

Oregon Gov. Kate Brown has proclaimed Aug. 15 this year as Oregon Native Bees Conservation Awareness Day. Beyond Toxics, a Eugene-based environmental group, requested the proclamation. Five North American species of wild bees are suffering severe population losses and two are on the brink of extinction, the group said. Native bees are threatened by habitat loss, disease and pesticides.