Seattle has completed this year's NFL draft, signed some undrafted free agents and remains Las Vegas' favorite to win Super Bowl XLIX  next February in Arizona.

After last week's draft, Vegas oddsmaker Bovada came out with the latest odds on the favorite to win the next NFL championship.


Here are the top 10:

Seattle Seahawks 6/1

Denver Broncos 7/1

New England Patriots 15/2

San Francisco 49ers 15/2

Green Bay Packers 12/1

Chicago Bears 20/1

Indianapolis Colts 20/1

New Orleans Saints 20/1

Philadelphia Eagles 22/1

Carolina Panthers 28/1


The bottom five teams are:

New York Jets 66/1

Buffalo Bills 75/1

Tennessee Titans 75/1

Jacksonville Jaguars 100/1

Oakland Raiders 100/1