Last week - the European Commission approved 17 different genetically modified agricultural products for food and feed through careful, scientific analysis. However - with the announcement - the American Farm Bureau says the EC also undermined its principled position by recommending individual states be permitted to opt out of importation or use of the products within their own borders. Farm Bureau says the EC now runs the risk of violating its international trade obligations, undermining the role of science and jeopardizing the foundation of Europe’s single market.

The FDA presented its unified plan last week to roll out and implement the Food Safety Modernization Act - signed by President Obama in January 2011 - to bring the most sweeping changes to the U.S. food system in more than seven decades. FDA officials declared that 2015 is the year of FSMA. All rules will be finalized within the coming year - and nearly all food makers are required to comply in less than five-years.