"Oh! You're from Washington?" is usually the precursor to receiving a stupid question about something that has nothing to do with anything. Washington state has to have more mystery behind it than most other states. Soon as they know you're from Washington, they have questions. Here are a few I hope I never hear again.

  • Have you seen the White House?

    Washington state, not Washington D.C.

  • Does it really rain all the time?

    Nope. In fact, on our side of the state it barely rains compared to the west side.

  • Oh, I know (insert name here) in Washington, do you know them?

    How small do you think Washington is? Chances are, no, I don't.

  • Do you live in Seattle?

    Nope. I'm in Yakima.

  • Is Yakima near Seattle?

    Why does Seattle matter that much?! I'm about a two-hour drive away from Seattle so it's convenient to visit, but no, I don't live near Seattle.

  • Have you been to where they filmed "Twilight?"

    Forks? I'm not a fan so I never traveled there, but there are people who still do. They used to offer tours of the film's landmarks but I'm not sure if they still do that.

  • Are the Seahawks big there?

    Bigger! Actually, there's a lot of love for the Seahawks everywhere, not just Washington.

  • Does everyone drink Starbucks?

    Sure, many do, but there are millions of other coffee options in any town. Starbucks happens to be one of them.

  • Is everyone there a beer snob?

    Not everyone. Since hops are abundant in Washington and especially in Yakima we have more and more breweries popping up all the time. But, as many as there are who enjoy pale ales and IPAs we have just as many who'd rather just crack open a Bud Light (for some reason).

  • Why is Yakima 'The Palm Springs of Washington'

    Basically, the guy who made the sign wanted to promote that we had more sunshine in Yakima than we do in Seattle to bring in some westside tourism. That's really about it.