Yakima gets a pretty bad reputation of where you should or shouldn't live. Our friends at Neighborhood Scout -- a realty resource site -- broke down the safest neighborhoods in Yakima. Do you live near one of these areas?

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    Gromore / Harwood

    This is the area way out west of Yakima. So far west it's actually west of West Valley, that's how far out west it is. The type of area that has, like, 5 digits on your home address. No wonder there's no crime, it's too far to travel. A great place to raise, not only your kids, but also livestock as many do in this area.

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    Pomona / East Selah

    Like we had the place west of West Valley, now we have a place farther east than East Valley. the Pomona area has an average medium income of 87.6% less than all of Washington state. It's a low-population area which makes it low in crime.

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    Pomona Heights

    Now we're moving a little closer to Yakima. Just north of Moxee, you'll find this area.

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    Ahtanum / Summitview

    This is the area around Apple Tree Golf Course and parts just beyond West Valley. My mother-in-law lives out here. Some great trick-or-treating areas around here, for sure. Since Yakima can't grow any farther north or south, this is where it's building. Great schools out there, too.

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    Terrace Heights

    On the east side of I-82 is Terrace Heights, where you'll find East Valley. Some great parks here including Sportsman Park, Sarg Hubbard Park, Yakima Country Club and more. I love this area.

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    Scenic Drive

    Sometimes referred to as Brace. I've also heard this area referred to as "Snob Hill," but I've known people around here and they're good people. This outlook area is also where you'll find some of the nicer homes in Yakima. Up on the hill looking over Yakima is also low on crime. During the winter season it endures some icy roads and most of the homes are secured with fencing.

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    This is the area between Nob Hill Boulevard, Washington and 48th and 80th avenues. A lot of agriculture right in Yakima, but you'll also find the Walmart and plenty of other stores.

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    This is the area between Tieton to Summitview and 16th to 48th. Do you live or did you know someone who lived in this area? I bet you knew two or three people around here. This is also the area of Franklin Middle School.

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    Tieton Drive

    An area of town so popular there was even  a local band named Tieton Drive. This area from 16th to 48th and from Tieton to Nob Hill was the area I grew up in and wouldn't have traded growing up in this area of town for anything. We had everything we needed within walking distance and some great schools in this area, too. The only crime I remember seeing a lot of was people blowing through the stop sign on 24th and Bonnie Doon -- that was about it.

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    Washington Avenue / Airport

    I never thought about this area, but I do like it. Including the airport, they're saying this area is a safe neighborhood in Yakima between 16th and 56th along Washington Avenue and going all the way through Ahtanum. Neat!